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We at Poorvi Housing Development Company Pvt Ltd Bangalore would like to thank all of our esteemed customers who have been instrumental in making us your preferred choice of real estate developer. It would not have been possible for us to be such a trusted name without your continuous support and encouragement.

About Poorvi Housing

Shelter is the basic need for human beings. Having a shelter of his own is the dream of every man. Bangalore is fast growing city and has plenty of home seekers. It is getting used to its latest sobriquet of IT BT hub, the international airport and development of the civic infrastructure. It has attracted major software, BPO companies and multinationals from all over the world.

Home loan institutions are making tremendous offers to home seekers. The rate of interest and EMI’s are very competitive in the market and easy sanction of loans to buyers is the ‘new mantra’. At present, some home loan institutions are offering even a minimum rate of 10.5%. The Union Government offered very good exemption on repayment of loan amount and payment of interest under the income tax act. This is making the dreams of many to turn in to a reality.

M/s. Poorvi Housing Development Company Pvt Ltd BANGALORE, is headquartered in the Silicon Valley of Asia, Bangalore, 1&122, 6th E Main, NEAR BESCOM OFFICE GAURAV NAGAR BANGALORE 560078. It has all infrastructure facility in office building with well-equipped technical, marketing, finance and administration department.

Our Background

The name Poorvi Housing Development Company Pvt Ltd is synonymous with reliable and top quality services in the areas of Civil and Infrastructure works & Building Construction. POORVI with its eye for detail and accuracy has built a niche in the market of construction companies in Bangalore with an impressive clientele throughout the whole region.

It was modest beginning in field of Real Estate 1995 by MR. PRAKASH SUBRAYA and in the construction from 1996 under the banner of Poorvi Housing Development Company Pvt Ltd. And since from 2002 Poorvi Housing Development Company Pvt Ltd a reputed name among builders in Bangalore that has a notable presence in Bangalore with large number of satisfied clientele.

With an ever-growing list of satisfied customers from different walks of life, the firm take pride in all its creation. Armed with a team of trained and professional experts in the field of architecture and technology, create projects that cater to all genres of the masses. Well researched and constantly updating ourselves with modern as well as ancient sciences of architecture such as “Vastupurusha”, we create projects that offer high value to our customers.

Poorvi Housing Development Company Pvt Ltd - has been synonymous with quality and trust since its inception has bettered itself with every project, while constantly exceeding its expectations. As a result, the Poorvi Housing Development Company Pvt Ltd need no advertising, they are sold by our happy customers, and their word of mouth ensures each project is sold out half way through its development.

Our motto at Poorvi Housing Development Company Pvt Ltd is to develop high quality customer oriented properties. For every project, our team diligently details every aspect of property development giving exceptional attention to accommodate your needs.

Today the Poorvi Housing Development Company Pvt Ltd have developed more than 1 Million sq.ft. Apart from the pride we have developed in fulfilling our customers, we are ever passionate about satisfying more customers, who come to us hoping to own their dream property.

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