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Mangalore, Renowned as a tourist destination is to provide rising profitable opportunities in the property market in India.

In India, real estate is considered the most profitable investment with guaranteed returns. From 2 or 3 BHK flats to luxury apartments, real estate companies in Mangalore are coming up with a wide range of housing projects. And this spurt of real estate developments by the top developers in Mangalore is attracting investors from the city and other parts of the country.

There are some reasons:

1. Availability of properties in centrally located areas.
2. Top- Notch health care facilities.
3. Development of the suburbs.
4. High quality of living index on a global level.
5. Affordable property prices.
6. The chances of price escalation.
7. Laid back culture.
8. Quality Education.

The bottom line is, Mangalore has become a center of real estate investment. And, the opportunities will be growing in the coming days as top real estate companies are investing in Mangalore.
In order to safeguard our future, we should look for ways to make our hard-earned money to great use. Investing in the real estate market can reap huge dividends, as there are many factors to consider. “Poorvi Dev” by “Poorvi Housing Development Company Pvt. Ltd.” is a residential project, which is primarily located at Mangalore. Renowned as a tourist destination, Mangalore has attracted several realtors for their respective projects. With design structures that are nothing short of architecture marvels, residents can now enjoy stunning views from pristine vantage points. Now, with the introduction of real estate governing bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST, the property market has started to offer affordable home investment options. This has forced property developers to come up with new marketing strategies to release their excess inventory.

Mangalore- The tourism factor

It’s always a great choice to invest in locations that are renowned for its tourism. Mangalore, over the years has attracted global tourists as the city offers more than just a view. This has treated with utmost importance and property developers are capitalizing on key markets for a competitive edge over others. Residents who are first time into the property investment experience are sure to consider locations that are further out from the city. This has paved the way for rising levels of social infrastructure that has increased the value of the land considerably. Another thing to be considered is that residents should make it a point to have an in-depth knowledge of the property market before heading straight to conclusive investment decisions. “Poorvi Dev” has a lot to offer so that customer needn’t venture out in case of civic and entertainment requirements. Connectivity is developed as the project is close to renowned highways and expressways.

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