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I started my business at the age of 18 and I am in business for more than 33 years for now. I am not from a family of businessmen, both my parents were Teachers. My father wanted me to be an architect, but I could not get through the exams and therefore, gotten into business. When I told my father that I wanted to start a business, he gave me Rs.500 as the capital investment and told me that do whatever you want to do in your life but do not deceive anybody. I started my business with that righteous and sacred capital investment of Rs.500 and his advice of being non-deceitfulness for Life. That one advice was good enough to be upright for a Lifetime. I have worked very hard to reach a stage. Then I started a construction company POORVI HOUSING DEVELOPMENT COMPANY PVT.LTD.

When I started making money, my father told me that you make as much money you wish but along with that, Earn Punya”. Punya is vaguely translated in English as Good Deed but in real, there is no substitute to Punya or for the word Punya, in any language. I, in my pursuit of success, have understood that Honesty is the tool to attain Non-deceitfulness and Punya. His two advices last for a Lifetime. If we understand them, Life becomes simple. When honesty is hand-in-hand with you, you find the road ahead is one straight road, no cross roads. I, in my pursuit of success, realized that in the journey, using the honesty tool, we should attain Non-deceitfulness and produce Punya as the key products. Success is just an inevitable byproduct and excellence is the reward that we get. I, in my pursuit of success, realized that success in itself should never be the goal point, it should just be a milestone in the long lasting journey.


Managing Director

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